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Hardness sorting apparatus

Hardness sorting apparatus

  • Classification:Hardness sorting apparatus
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  • Date of issue:2021-04-24 10:19:21
  • Product overview

The company's hardness sorting instrument is divided into single channel, double channel two kinds for customers to choose.

· Technical parameters

Hardness material sorting instrument characteristics:

1. Probe excitation current: adjustable from 1 to 256

2. Linear gain: 1~256 times

3. Eight frequency measurements are provided

4, simulation, mathematics fast automatic zero

5. Impedance diagram points show changes in phase and amplitude

6, X/Y component value, amplitude value automatic measurement, display

7. The ellipse sorting field can be set automatically according to the sampling point, and its position and size can be adjusted manually

8, Can be used for manual and online automatic detection, can set the signal delay and detection time

9. Provide sorting control signal

Hardness sorting principle: because the hardness value of magnetic conductive materials, material varieties, hardening layer depth, heat treatment state, parts of the defects (such as cracks, pores, inclusion, etc.) have different effects on the magnetic field, and there is a certain corresponding relationship. When the measured workpiece is in contact with the uniformly distributed probe magnetic field, the amount of magnetic field in the probe changes, the probe coil produces an exciting current, and is transmitted to the instrument through the wire. After the analysis and processing of the instrument's central circuit, the quality of the measured workpiece can be automatically discriminated through computer software processing and displayed on the display screen. It is with the help of the measured workpiece magnetic flux caused by the change of the electromagnetic effect of the electrical signal, after amplification and conversion after computer software processing, to achieve the material composition, hardness, surface hardening layer depth, crack, mixing and other defects detection.

Technical parameters: hardness detection sensitivity: Rockwell: ±2HRC; Vickers: ± 40HV. Range of error: effective separation of different materials


渦流檢驗是很多NDT(無損檢測技術)方式之一,它運用“電磁場理論”基本理論做為導體檢驗的基本。探傷檢測設備的造成來源于一種稱為電流的磁效應的狀況。當將交流電流釋放到導體,比如銅輸電線處時,磁場將在導體內和圍繞導體的室內空間內造成磁場。渦流便是磁感應造成的電流量,它在一個環城路中流動性。往往稱為“渦流”,是由于它與液體或汽體圍繞阻礙物在環城路中流動性的方式是一樣的。假如將一個導體放進該變化的磁場中,渦流將在哪個導體中造成,而渦流也會造成自身的磁場,該磁場伴隨著交流電流升高而擴大,伴隨著交流電流減少而圓化。因而當導體表面或近表面出現缺點或精 確測量金屬復合材料的一些特性產生變化時,軸承渦流探傷機將危害到渦流的抗壓強度和遍布,進而大家就可以根據一起來檢驗渦流的變化狀況,從而能夠間接性的了解個題內部缺點的存有及金屬材料特性是不是發生了變化



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