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Eddy current flaw detector is suitable for scalable nondestructive flaw detection inspection

2021-03-12 09:27:40



Eddy-current flaw detectors are available in all eddies: basic parameters, audio signals, dynamic (rotary) converters and a wide variety of characteristic impedance converters. The flaw detector program is designed to control metal products, carbon fiber materials, to determine the presence of defects, such as surface and subsurface cracks, material discontinuity and uniformity, manufacturing processes and product yields of various materials. Eddy current flaw detector can be used to accurately measure the thickness of maintenance coating in austenitic stainless steel sheet and ceramic stainless steel sheet chromium nickel steel, the depth of surface crack, fiber material level of debonding, non-ferrous metal conductivity and alloy composition phase composition.

The instrument is a compact structure, multi-functional, strong application, cost-effective instrument. Portable rechargeable battery power supply and distribution system operating process eddy current testing instrument, excellent characteristics, suitable for extensible nondestructive testing inspection, or other eddy current testing applications. Eddy current flaw detector has a very good jack and is very sensitive to small cracks and other defects. Its detection camera does not need to touch the object under test, but can also check the shape and size of complex electrical conductors. Eddy-current flaw detector requires little advance preparation, and test results are timely.

Eddy current flaw detector can quickly, conveniently and artistically detect micro cracks or extensible layers on the surface of various metal materials and calcined petroleum coke with electrical conductivity of 0.5-60S /m, and it is not easy to be damaged by thin insulating bushings on the surface of metal materials, such as anodic oxidation treatment layer, paint, oil stains, oxide film, etc. The plane design drawings or specifications of the sample can be very effective detection, with a special monitoring camera or other additional fixture tooling, can check the concave groove edge cracks and cracks in the inner wall of the thread, cone. The instrument can also be used for non-iron stainless steel plate and austenitic metal materials with additional lighting alarm and sound alarm, but also can be used for metal material error screening. Eddy current flaw detector is widely used in industrial equipment manufacturing industrial production of parts supervision, airport and engine maintenance, railway locomotive gate valve (valve core) detection. The instrument has the characteristics of simple operation process, reliable characteristics, durable, convenient and fast.

In essence, the eddy current flaw detector is the whole process of analyzing the physical properties of the specimen by dealing with all aspects of the magnetic coil characteristic impedance changes caused by the specimen being tested. In addition, the amplitude and phase Angle of the detected signal can be analyzed by the eddy current flaw detector using the photoelectric technology of characteristic impedance plane design, and the amplitude and phase Angle changes of the detected signal can be described on the display screen, which is convenient for proper evaluation. Eddy current flaw detector is a multi-function, strong application, excellent performance/price comparison of the characteristics of the instrument, set many years of production and processing of eddy current detector work experience, to achieve a variety of customers must. It can be widely used for non-destructive testing of all kinds of non-ferrous metals, light metal pipes, rods, wires, wires and aluminum alloy profiles online and offline. It has a high detection sensitivity to the defects of metal bellows, rods, wires, wires and aluminum profiles, such as surface cracks, dark cracks, welding scars and crack opening.




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