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The inspection work of flaw detector reflects from many aspects

2021-01-27 17:03:35


Stainless steel tube eddy current flaw detector how to know that the tested object is not abnormal. There are many aspects involved in the whole process, including the creation, reception, data signal transformation and resolution of ultrasonic wave. The way to cause ultrasonic wave is to encourage electronic signal sent to the crystal with piezoelectric effect (such as quartz stone, lithium sulfate, etc.) according to the power supply circuit, so that it vibrates and then causes ultrasonic wave; In the case of the reflected ultrasonic wave, the piezoelectric crystal will be subjected to the reflected ultrasonic frequency of the working pressure of the electrical signal and transmitted to the signal analysis power circuit to carry out a series of solutions, the eddy current flaw detector will eventually produce an image for you to look at the resolution.

The probe used in eddy current testing is an inductive coil of a copper core coil. The coil shape can be changed to better fit a particular application. 1. At the selected frequency, an electromagnetic field is generated around the coil according to the coil's AC circuit. 2. When the coil is close to the conductive raw material, the magnetic induction eddy is caused in the raw material. 3. If defects in conductive raw materials affect the flow of eddy current goods, the actual effect of magnetic coupling of the probe will be changed. According to the precise measurement of the coil characteristic impedance transformation, can explain the defect data signal. The shell of the flaw detector is designed to withstand the harsh and extreme testing of the natural environment.

Today, there are countless instruments in use all over the world. The device is compact and light, powered by two lithium-ion batteries. When the rechargeable battery is fully charged, it can carry out manual or automatic inspection for nearly 6 hours. The display of the instrument can instantly display information ultra - clear digital images. At most light source standards, the operator is able to see the defects and the minor condition of the material. Customers can easily access the instrument on a simple, visual page with the use of flying shuttle knobs and buttons. They can also connect the instrument with a USB computer mouse, and carry out detection and analysis easily with the computer mouse. EDDY CURRENT TEST (ECT) technology is based on the following magnetic coupling principle: the probe inductor (coil) close to the workpiece of the tested product (ferromagnetic material or conductive raw material of non-ferromagnetic material) causes eddy current in the workpiece of the tested product, and displays information data signal on the characteristic impedance diagram of the instrument. With eddy current technology, defects in the raw material can be detected by thin coatings such as paint films, provided the distance between the probe and the metal material is maintained within an effective proximity range, typically between 0.5mm and 2.0mm. Because the eddy current array and ECT technology based on the basic concept of the same (and physical basis theory), and eddy current array can also through the paint film to carry out the technical inspection, in addition, also can produce the advantages of the eddy current array (ECA) technical characteristics, in which contains: coverage area is large, scanning speed and check out the high risk, and colorful imaging effect.



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