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What are eddy current flaw detection instruments and far field eddy current technology

2020-12-04 11:41:57

In the detection of many complex precast components, precast components themselves will cause strong interference signals, which makes it difficult for single-frequency eddy current testing machine to accurately detect defects. In order to get rid of this kind of influence, make inspection data signals to its dregs, enhance credibility, can use a lot of encourage other coil, a frequency based on detecting coil can also get more data information, then to collect data and information to carry out the mixing solution to suppress interference signals, this kind is called multi-frequency eddy current technology.

And the far field eddy current is a kind of eddy current testing probe can pass through the low frequency eddy current technical of wall thickness, average detection to the wear type camera, encourage the coil and essence truly measuring coil in the middle of the span is about 2 times the pipe diameter, pass in low frequency alternating current, the coil can be detected by the wall thickness and returned to encourage electromagnetic field data signals, Then it can detect the defects of the inner and outer wall of the metal hose or the thinning of the wall thickness. When magnetizing the tested magnet material by eddy current flaw detector with a magnetizer, if the material material is continuous and uniform, the induction coil lines in the material will be bundle in the material, the magnetic flux is parallel to the material surface, basically no induction coil lines from the surface through, the surface is not detected by electromagnetic field.



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