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Look at the application of eddy current testing manufacturers in nondestructive testing of automobiles

2020-12-04 11:28:31

The eddy current flaw detector nondestructive testing technology is a comprehensive nondestructive testing technology which can measure and evaluate the physical and physical properties, defects and other performance parameters of the eddy current flaw detection coil object inside or on the surface without damaging the object to be inspected. With the development trend of science and manufacturing, its application scope is gradually universal.

Eddy current flaw detector is widely used in the field of automotive industry. Many online eddy current flaw detector of auto parts, such as drum, brake disc brake system, motor shaft, drag link, such as the security of the important parts, if parts surface appear tiny cracks, or internal defects, the in-situ stress under the effect of long-term changes, cracks will slowly inward development trend from the surface, or by introverted outside to widen, This will cause safety risk of eddy current flaw detector. Therefore, the parts must undergo a series of eddy current flaw detector nondestructive testing in the whole process of production and processing. The common nondestructive testing methods of auto parts include ray testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic induction eddy current testing, magnetic particle testing and penetrant testing, which are also called five flaw detection methods.



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