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What are the applications of eddy current flaw detector?

2020-12-04 11:27:04

Eddy current flaw detector for the nondestructive testing technology basic instrument for nondestructive testing, eddy current flaw detector for crude oil, aerospace, transportation and construction of part of industrial production line, airplanes, cars and highway Bridges and other materials, spare parts processing welding welding quality, and its various light metals, seamless steel pipe, air conditioning copper tube, aluminum tube, etc. The quality of the machined part. Eddy current flaw detector is to use metal products, due to the continuing entity, don't make the appearance of the part and the appearance of magnetic induction line nearly onset adsorption release in artifacts resulting from the part of the battery change appearance of magnetic particle inspection, block of flaw detection in the sunshine of a suitable looked at so magnetic mark, pulsed eddy current flaw detector shows that the influence of the information is not sustainable, then designs and sizes.

Eddy current flaw detector has been widely used in pipe fittings, bar materials, aluminum profiles, welding parts, machined parts and steel castings, especially in the fixed inspection of high pressure vessels. It also carries forward the practical effect of mutual online eddy current flaw detector. Eddy current flaw detector can detect cracks, hair lines, small white spots, expansion, dopant and other defects in ferromagnetic materials, with a very high test of comfortable longitude, and can visualize the information of the influence of defects, appearance design, size and not optimistic level, good self-reflection of the obstinancy of defects.

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