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Describe the principle of eddy current flaw detection equipment

2020-12-04 10:14:11

Ferromagnetic materials after being magnetized, because of the discontinuity entities, bearing manufacturer to make the surface of magnetic induction line eddy current testing of production section battery changes caused by the leakage magnetic field, adsorption release in magnetic particle inspection on the surface of the workpiece, in the sunshine of a suitable produce looked so magnetic mark, and then display the information out of the part of the discontinuity, size, style and more serious. Magnetic particle testing (MT), also known as MagneticParticleTesting or bearing testing instrument MagneticParticleTesting, is one of the five basic methods of nondestructive testing technology.

2, features,

Magnetic particle testing is only used to test the defects of the surface of ferromagnetic materials, because the non-continuous magnetic marks accumulate on the surface of the bearing eddy current flaw detector to be tested, so it can visually display information to show the appearance, position and specification of the non-continuous, and can roughly define its characteristics.



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