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Lets look at the characteristics of eddy current inspection manufacturers

2020-12-04 10:12:11

1. For the detection of metal hoses, rods, cables and components, there is no need to touch or coupling substances. Therefore, eddy current nondestructive testing has a high detection speed, which is convenient for the completion of automatic technical testing, especially suitable for online general inspection.

2. UT flaw detection for surface defects is highly sensitive, and has excellent line marking in a certain scope. It can comment on defects with different sizes, so it can be used as quality control and manipulation.

3, there are many factors that harm the vortex, such as cracks, materials, specifications, appearance and electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability, etc.. The use of a special splenic power supply circuit to solve the problem can select a factor and suppress other factors, so that it is possible to carry out a reasonable detection of the independent risk factor.

4, because the inspection does not need to touch the workpiece and do not need ultrasonic nondestructive detection of coupled substances, so can carry out high temperature detection. Because the camera can be extended to work in a distance, it can detect narrow areas of the workpiece and deep hole walls (including wall thickness).

5. Because electronic signals are used to display information, it can be stored, reproduced and developed to solve the problem.

6. The target of eddy current inspection must be conductive raw materials, and because of the magnetic effect of the current, it is only suitable for the detection of surface defects of metal materials, but not for the detection of deep internal defects of metal composite materials.



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