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The comparison between eddy current testing equipment and eddy current testing equipment of auto parts brake disc

2020-12-04 10:08:12

Place the coil with AC current on the metal sheet to be tested or outside the metal hose to be tested (see figure). At this time, the electromagnetic field will be alternately changed in and around the coil automatic inner and outer ring assembly machine, so that the magnetic field of magnetic induced current in the specimen is swirling, which is called eddy current. The distribution and size of eddy current are not only related to the shape and size of the coil, the size and frequency of the AC circuit, but also depend on the conductivity, magnetic permeability, shape and size of the specimen, the distance between the coil and the surface of the specimen and the existence of cracks. Therefore, under the standard that the relativity of other elements will not change, the electromagnetic field transformation caused by the eddy current is measured by the automatic vane ring eddy current testing machine with a testing coil, which can be regarded as the size and phase difference transformation of the eddy current in the specimen. In this way, information about conductivity, defects, material condition and other scalar (such as appearance, specification, etc.) changes or defects are obtained. However, because the eddy current is a magnetic field with skin effect, the information tested can only reflect the conditions on the surface or near the surface of the specimen.



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